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Spinoff Odds and Ends: Pfizer’s Consumer Business, La Quinta Award Winning Idea

Grab your cup of coffee and kick off the week with some Odds and Ends: Late last year, Pfizer (PFE) announced it was considering its ‘options’ for its consumer health division. The early buzz was all about a sale though and the maker of Advil and Centrum has since been running a sales process with a rumored desired… Read More »

Take An Advil? Pfizer Looking At Options For Consumer Health Business

Way back in 2013, Pfizer (PFE) CEO Ian Read plotted a future course that could have included a spinoff several years down the line. Since then there have been constant rumors and speculations about possible breakups and portfolio changes, but those were ultimately rejected. Last week though, the company shifted gears by formally announcing that it is considering its… Read More »

Summer Of Spin: Forbes’ Antoine Gara Likes PayPal and Baxalta

Amidst this great Summer Of Spin, what are the best prospects? According to Forbes’ Antoine Gara, who has also noted the flurry of spinoffs: PayPal and Baxalta(BXLT). About PayPal: PayPal is a leader in online payments, with high margins and strong revenue growth. It could prove valuable to tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoftand Facebook, who are all toying… Read More »

Cleaning Up The Upcoming Spinoff Table: Autogrill & World Duty Free Group, Pfizer & Zoetis, American Airlines

Companies constantly change their plans and just because a spinoff gets announced doesn’t mean it actually gets done. It’s (unfortunately) quite common for plans to get scrapped or altered in some way and sometimes the unit to be spun off is just sold instead. While we try our best to stay on top of the news, some names get… Read More »

Zoetis Chief Alaix Talks Spinoff, Animal Health Business With WSJ

The WSJ publishes a weekly column titled ‘Boss Talk’ where it picks the brain of CEOs and other top brass from big companies. A few weeks ago the paper spoke with Mike Petters, CEO of Huntington Ingalls (HII), a spinoff from Northrop Grumman (NOC). This week the paper sat down with Juan Ramon Alaix, CEO of Zoetis (ZTS),… Read More »

Zoetis, Newly Spun Off From Pfizer, To Join S&P 500

As we have written about previously, Pfizer(PFE), after conducting an IPO of 20% of Zoetis(ZTS) in January, has launched an exchange offer whereby shareholders may elect to exchange their Pfizer shares for Zoetis shares.  The offer is expected to be completed this week, and, as a result, the S&P has decided that it is time for Zoetis to… Read More »

Pfizer To Uncage Zoetis Stake Via Exchange Offer

Updated 06/04/13 16:43 That didn’t take too long to decide. During its latest conference call, Pfizer (PFE) indicated it was still mulling its options for how to deal with its remaining ~80% stake in Zoetis (ZTS), its former animal-health business whose IPO was earlier this year. The company had been considering a spinoff, but in the end it… Read More »

Pfizer May Be Thinking Spinoff…In 2016

Spinoff talk has surrounded Pfizer (PFE) for some time now following a business unit review a couple of years ago. That ultimately led to the sale of its nutritional unit and the successful IPO of ~20% of its animal health business, Zoetis (ZTS) earlier this year. Investors have been hoping for something bigger though, especially following the successful… Read More »

Grab Your Pets – Pfizer’s Zoetis IPO Set For Friday

Pfizer (PFE) generated a lot of buzz last year when it announced it was considering strategic options for several of its units. Its nutrition business has since been sold to Nestle for over $11b in cash and this week will bring about the IPO carve out of its animal health division, now known as Zoetis. The animal health… Read More »

Pfizer To IPO Zoetis, Animal Health Division, Spin May Follow

There are many hundreds of thousands of words in the English language, and zoetic is not one of the more common. The word, meaning “of or relating to life”, is the inspiration for Zoetis, the new name for Pfizer’s (PFE) soon to be independent Animal Health business. After over a year of speculation as to how Pfizer would… Read More »