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Pfizer To Uncage Zoetis Stake Via Exchange Offer

Updated 06/04/13 16:43 That didn’t take too long to decide. During its latest conference call, Pfizer (PFE) indicated it was still mulling its options for how to deal with its remaining ~80% stake in Zoetis (ZTS), its former animal-health business whose IPO was earlier this year. The company had been considering a spinoff, but in the end it… Read More »

Pfizer May Be Thinking Spinoff…In 2016

Spinoff talk has surrounded Pfizer (PFE) for some time now following a business unit review a couple of years ago. That ultimately led to the sale of its nutritional unit and the successful IPO of ~20% of its animal health business, Zoetis (ZTS) earlier this year. Investors have been hoping for something bigger though, especially following the successful… Read More »

Pfizer CEO Dishes Divestiture Details To Reuters

It has been a long time since Pfizer (PFE) initiated a strategic review of its business units and in the meantime, there has been much speculation regarding which units the company would ultimately divest and the method of any such divestiture. After months of waiting (kind of reminds me of the Dwight Howard situation, except far less interesting),… Read More »

Pfizer Ponders A Move

A few months ago, pharma giant Pfizer (PFE) got a boost when Sanford Bernstein analyst Tim Anderson (and a few other street colleagues) mentioned that company management was open to spinning off or selling parts of the business.  This set off a flurry of reports analyzing potential castaways with estimates ending up as high as 4 divisions shed… Read More »