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Barron’s Likes Alcon’s Prospects In Emerging Markets, Thinks It Could Lead to Bausch Spinoff

Last week, Novartis(NVS) completed its spinoff of Alcon(ALC). Less than a decade ago, Novartis had purchased Alcon from Nestle(NSRGY), but new leadership decided to reverse the transaction. In an article this weekend, Barron’s suggests that there is more than meets the eye to Alcon. Barron’s notes that, on the surface, Alcon looks expensive. For now, Wall Street is… Read More »

AbbVie Initiated at Outperform By Raymond James

AbbVie(ABBV) surged out of the gate following its January 2013 spinoff from Abbott Laboratories(ABT). By December 2014, the stock price had doubled. Since then, however, the stock languished, continuing to trade below its December 2014 highs. Despite efforts to diversify, Humira, which is now off patent, accounts for 60% of revenue. Barron’s reports that Raymond James now thinks… Read More »

Abbott Labs Getting Ready To Make $25 Billion Bid For St. Jude Medical

Abbott Labs(ABT), which spun off AbbVie(ABBV) in one of the largest spinoffs in recent years, is preparing to make a $25 billion bid for St. Jude Medical(STJ) according to a report in the Financial Times. Abbott and St Jude, which is based in St Paul, Minnesota, already have a strong alliance in the field of cardiovascular devices, and… Read More »

Summer Of Spin: Forbes’ Antoine Gara Likes PayPal and Baxalta

Amidst this great Summer Of Spin, what are the best prospects? According to Forbes’ Antoine Gara, who has also noted the flurry of spinoffs: PayPal and Baxalta(BXLT). About PayPal: PayPal is a leader in online payments, with high margins and strong revenue growth. It could prove valuable to tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoftand Facebook, who are all toying… Read More »

Can’t Decide Which One To Own? Cramer Picks Abbott Over AbbVie

Amidst our exhaustive coverage of the Abbott (ABT)/AbbVie (ABBV) separation, there has been no consensus as to which company is the ‘better’ one to own. Some people like AbbVie’s higher dividend yield while others prefer Abbott’s growth prospects. Ahhh what is an uninformed investor to do? Luckily, the self-appointed people’s champion stockpicker, CNBC’s Jim Cramer, has weighed in… Read More »

More AbbVie Inanity On Seeking Alpha With A Dose Of Penny Stock Promotion

Set a million monkeys loose with Yahoo Finance and a word processor, and what do you get? The answer, it would appear, is Seeking Alpha, a content farm with no particular editorial standards.  We wrote last week about blatant, significant errors being covered up without acknowledgement.  This morning, we encountered another wastebasket-worthy piece on AbbVie(ABBV). Imagine writing about… Read More »

AbbVie CFO: Big Acquisiton Not Prudent

AbbVie(ABBV) is a behemoth of a company following its spinoff from Abbott Laboratories(ABT), but it is a one-legged giant. The chorus of concern around the companies prospects has centered on its extreme dependence on a single drug, Humira, which accounts for 50% of revenues and 70% of profits. There has been speculation that the firm would use its… Read More »

Seeking Alpha Silently Updates Flawed Article On AbbVie, Fails To Note Heavy Post-Publication Editing

We wrote yesterday about a flawed article on SeekingAlpha about AbbVie(ABBV) and Abbott Laboratories(ABT) which contained information which was extremely erroneous(off by over $15 billion), and built a thesis based on that false data. The article, which can be found here, has been edited extensively, but something is missing: there is no indication anywhere on the page that… Read More »

Bad Data Leads To Bad Conclusion In Seeking Alpha AbbVie/Abbott Analysis

AbbVie(ABBV) is one of the most massive spinoffs we’ve seen, so every piece of news or analysis is of interest to us. Hence it was with great interest that we noted that Seeking Alpha published “AbbVie’s Shares Are More Appealing Than Abbott’s Following The Spin-Off” this morning.  We were pleased to see author Robert Broens put a stake… Read More »

AbbVie Declares $.40 Dividend, Yield Stands At Over 4.6%

Not wasting any time, AbbVie(ABBV) declared a $.40 quarterly dividend on Friday, two days after its spin off from Abbott Laboratories(ABT).  At Friday’s closing price of $34.39, the stock yields 4.65%. The dividend will be paid on February 15, 2013 to shareholders as of the close of business on January 15, 2013. For former Abbott shareholders continuing to… Read More »

Abbott and AbbVie- Spinoff Complete, Companies Begin To Walk Their Own Paths

On Wednesday, Abbott Laboratories(ABT) completed its spinoff of AbbVie(ABBV), and the two firms began their new, independent lives. As is often the case, as their first acts, each company issued a press release noting the occasion. Abbott’s release was relatively brief, wished AbbVie well, and gave a short picture of the new Abbott, focusing on the company’s many… Read More »

AbbVie Spin From Abbott Complete Today – Discussion Thread

After long preparations, Humira manufacturer AbbVie(ABBV) has been spun off from former parent Abbott Laboratories(ABT). Abbott shareholders will wake up to find one share of AbbVie in their account for every share of Abbott that they own. We have covered the story, but not performed any deep analysis of either company. So let’s hear from you, readers. What… Read More »

Morningstar Worries About AbbVie’s Reliance On Humira

It’s a few weeks old now, but with AbbVie’s(ABBV) spin from Abbott Laboratories(ABT) complete, we thought it worthwhile to mention this piece from Morningstar on AbbVie’s prospects.  No doubt,  the new company has many things going for it. A strong balance sheet is one: Following the split from Abbott, AbbVie will carry approximately $16 billion in debt and… Read More »

For Whom The Dell Tolls- Newborn AbbVie To Replace Dell In S&P 100, To Join S&P 500 As Well

Some spinoffs are tiny, others are born big. AbbVie(ABBV) is a case of the latter. With a market cap of over $50 Billion, it begins life as a megacap when it spins off on January 2 from Abbott Laboratories(ABT) and thus replaces the sinking Dell(DELL) in the megacap S&P 100 Index.  This was one of several index changes… Read More »

Final Stretch For Abbott Spin As Effective Date Nears, AbbVie Begins When Issued Trading

On Friday, Abbott(ABT) announced the effectiveness of the registration statement for its AbbVie(ABBV) spin.  As we discussed previously, Abbott shareholders will get one AbbVie share for each Abbott share that they own. The new shares are to be distributed on January 1. Shares in the new company  began trading on a when issued basis today, as did Abbott… Read More »