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Spinoff Odds and Ends: Pfizer’s Consumer Business, La Quinta Award Winning Idea

Grab your cup of coffee and kick off the week with some Odds and Ends: Late last year, Pfizer (PFE) announced it was considering its ‘options’ for its consumer health division. The early buzz was all about a sale though and the maker of Advil and Centrum has since been running a sales process with a rumored desired… Read More »

Take An Advil? Pfizer Looking At Options For Consumer Health Business

Way back in 2013, Pfizer (PFE) CEO Ian Read plotted a future course that could have included a spinoff several years down the line. Since then there have been constant rumors and speculations about possible breakups and portfolio changes, but those were ultimately rejected. Last week though, the company shifted gears by formally announcing that it is considering its… Read More »

Pfizer CEO Dishes Divestiture Details To Reuters

It has been a long time since Pfizer (PFE) initiated a strategic review of its business units and in the meantime, there has been much speculation regarding which units the company would ultimately divest and the method of any such divestiture. After months of waiting (kind of reminds me of the Dwight Howard situation, except far less interesting),… Read More »

Pfizer Slowly Making Progress On Animal Health Divestiture

It looks like Pfizer (PFE) is moving ahead with its plans to divest its animal health unit. The latest sign is a recent restructuring of its Indian subsidiary’s animal health unit which was folded into the company’s larger animal health division. According to a Pfizer spokeswoman, ‘“in order for any potential transaction with animal health, in some countries… Read More »