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Thursday The Rabbi Went Hungry- Straight Path Begins Trading Down Sharply

As expected, Straight Path Communications(STRP) began trading today following its spin off from IDT(IDT). We previously described the interesting background of the new company’s CEO, David Jonas(we wonder how many other pulpit Rabbis run public companies). Rabbi Jonas is quite optimistic about the company’s prospects: SPCI’s President & Chief Executive Officer, David Jonas, said, “The spin-off of Straight… Read More »

IDT Following The Straight Path To Spinoff

IDT appears to be making progress on the spin off of its intangible assets as the company recently announced that Straight Path Communications Inc (SPCI) had filed a Form 10 with the SEC . While a distribution date has yet to be announced, IDT shareholders (both Class A & B) are expected to receive 1 share of SPCI for… Read More »

IDT Brings Back ICTI Spinoff

It’s always sad for us here when a spinoff is cancelled, but those situations are often worth filing away as there is always the chance that the situation gets revived. The market could be better, certain hurdles cleared, you never know. The latest example is IDT’s (IDT) recent announcement that it is resurrecting its plans to spin off its patent… Read More »

Medtronic And Others Think Twice Before Spinning

Spinoffs take a lot of time. It really isn’t so surprising considering the plethora of regulatory and logistical issues that arise from splitting up a business. While often overlooked as one time charges, companies spend millions upon millions planning and executing these transactions. As a result, at least 6 months usually pass between the date of announcement and… Read More »

IDT Also Thinks Good Things Come In Twos

Spinoffs have been relatively popular recently and you know how ‘fads’ go. Once a trend begins, people (in this case companies) try to one up another by going bigger. Better. Bolder. One spinoff isn’t enough anymore so Fortune Brands (FO), ITT (ITT) and even Carrefour (CRERY) went for two. Please give a hearty welcome to the newest member… Read More »