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Carrefour Delays Property Spin

Amazing just how quickly plans can change. Just a few months after announcing a grand restructuring plan including two spinoffs, French retailer Carrefour (CRERY) has shelved plans to spin off 25% of its property unit. Carrefour’s stock price has suffered since the spin announcements and the moves were generally derided by analysts and investors as not creating much… Read More »

IDT Also Thinks Good Things Come In Twos

Spinoffs have been relatively popular recently and you know how ‘fads’ go. Once a trend begins, people (in this case companies) try to one up another by going bigger. Better. Bolder. One spinoff isn’t enough anymore so Fortune Brands (FO), ITT (ITT) and even Carrefour (CRERY) went for two. Please give a hearty welcome to the newest member… Read More »

The Spinoff Roundup

A brief summary of spinoff news with a dash of the rumor mill mixed in – enjoy the first Spinoff Roundup. Readers – what is the interest level (if any) in non-US traded spinoffs? Newscorp (NWS) announced plans to spin off Sky News in order to gain government approval for its takeover of British Sky Broadcasting. The spin… Read More »