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Time To Break Up?

Activist investors appear to be back and are once again using their clout to influence corporate decision making. Occasionally, this can lead to a spinoff such as the case with Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square and Fortune Brands (FO) or Carl Icahn and Motorola. Of course, not every company is looking for outside ‘advice’. Consider the recent news regarding… Read More »

IDT Also Thinks Good Things Come In Twos

Spinoffs have been relatively popular recently and you know how ‘fads’ go. Once a trend begins, people (in this case companies) try to one up another by going bigger. Better. Bolder. One spinoff isn’t enough anymore so Fortune Brands (FO), ITT (ITT) and even Carrefour (CRERY) went for two. Please give a hearty welcome to the newest member… Read More »

Fortune Brands To Split In Three

Image via Wikipedia In October, when Bill Ackman and Pershing Square Capital disclosed an 11% stake in Fortune Brands(FO), there was speculation that he would push the conglomerate to break up.  Today, Fortune announced plans to break into three companies. Fortune itself would retain its Premium Spirits business, led by venerable brands such as Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark,… Read More »