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Spinoff Odds & Ends: The Time Is DNOW, Redux and More

Hedge funds get rich using OPM (other people’s money) so why not use OPW (other people’s work) to generate some ideas? Might be helpful if volatility is back… Clark Street Value takes a look at two upcoming real estate related spinoffs. The first is Spirit Realty Capital’s (SRC) upcoming ‘bad asset’ portfolio spinoff. It will consist of properties… Read More »

Crackdown On Tax Inversions May Lead To Fewer Spin Offs

Lexology has a nice overview of tax inversions and the government response to them.  Of particular note to us was one practice Treasury has sought to end, known as “spinversions”: No Spinversions.  The U.S. entity would not be allowed to transfer its assets to its current foreign subsidiaries and then spin off those subsidiaries to its public shareholders… Read More »

Whats In A (Domain) Name? Marchex Intends To Find Out With Archeo Spin

Marchex Inc (MCHX) announced that it would spin off its domain and advertising name marketplace into a new company called Archeo. The company enables the buying, selling and development of digital properties and ad inventory. Although it has been slowly unloading its portfolio, it still has a healthy pipeline of domain names for sale and as a standalone… Read More »

Like Father Like Son? Covidien Pursues Spinoff Of Its Own

Tyco (TYC), a champion spinner with a set of twins of its own in the pipeline, is about to become a grandfather. Covidien (COV), a 2007 spinoff from Tyco, recently announced plansto spin off its pharmaceuticals business into a standalone company. Five is truly a wonderful age to become a parent. Many had predicted some type of transaction… Read More »

Sears Is Ready To Harvest The Orchard

Much like Halloween, the end of the year is also shaping up to be an extremely busy period for spinoffs. The latest to join the party is Sears Holding (SHLD) whose board of directors approved the spin offof Orchard Supply Hardware Stores earlier this week. The spinoff will take place on December 30 to shareholders as of today,… Read More »

Sunoco Looks To Finish SunCoke Separation

After successfully completing an IPO this past July, Sunoco (SUN) announced that it is ready to move on to the second stage of its planned spinoff of SunCoke Energy (SXC). On January 17th, 2012 Sunoco will issue a special stock dividend distributing its remaining ~81% stake in SunCoke to shareholders as of January 5th. SUN shareholders will receive… Read More »

Ring In The New Year With WPX Energy

New Year’s Eve is one of those ‘big events’ that rarely lives up to its hype and often ends up pretty anti-climactic. Doesn’t bode well for this ensemble flick(actually, I am sure it will suck for a host of other reasons). The board of directors at Williams Companies (WMB) believes they have found the solution for a great… Read More »

Medtronic And Others Think Twice Before Spinning

Spinoffs take a lot of time. It really isn’t so surprising considering the plethora of regulatory and logistical issues that arise from splitting up a business. While often overlooked as one time charges, companies spend millions upon millions planning and executing these transactions. As a result, at least 6 months usually pass between the date of announcement and… Read More »

No Vacation Club At Marriott International

After a busy Halloween, it is time to look ahead to the next spinoff opportunities.  Luckily we won’t have to wait long as Marriott International’s (MAR) board of directors recently approved the spinoff of its vacation club, Marriott Vacations Worldwide. The distribution is expected to take place on November 21st (to shareholders as of Nov 10th) and shareholders… Read More »

To Wire Or Not Wire – That Is Ntelos’ Question

Avoid trading on certain days? Superstitious at all? Management at Ntelos Holding (NTLS) certainly are not as the company plans on separating its wireline and wireless businesses this coming Halloween (October 31st). Maybe it was just time to close the transaction after first announcing it last December. For those who are unclear about the differences between the two… Read More »

Tyco Does It Again

In stark contrast to the American people’s  growing heft, American conglomerates appear to be on a steady diet, often slimming down via spinoffs. Break up expert and Swiss-conglomerate Tyco International (TYC) is the latest fad follower as the company announced plans to split itself into three separate companies. The new businesses will be: ADT North America (residential security):… Read More »

The Naming Of ITT’s Spins

One of my favorite and often overlooked parts of examining spinoffs is the choice of name for the new entity. Generally, this decision requires zero thought as there is a division or some well known product making the choice obvious, such as in the case of Madison Square Garden or Babcock & Wilcox (well…maybe that one isn’t the best example). However, occasionally management needs to flex its creative muscles (by which I mean hire some… Read More »

Another Stainless Spinoff – ThyssenKrupp’s Turn

Not enough interest in silverware these days? Sure seems that way as German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp AG (TYEKF – US Pink Sheets) announced plans to spin off its stainless steel operations. The move comes  just a few months after ArcelorMittal (MT) did the same exact thing with its stainless division, Aperam (APEMY). [See our earlier posts on Aperam here… Read More »

Tessera Sees Spin Potential For Imaging & Optics

Catching up on some news, Tessera Technologies (TSRA) announced in early April that it has hired GCA Savvian Advisors to explore strategic options for its imaging and optics business, including potentially spinning off the division. In the company’s words, the unit provides “cost-effective, high-quality camera functionality in consumer electronic products through technologies that include Extended Depth of Field… Read More »