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Gabelli & Friends- You Spin(off) Me (Barron’s) Round(Table)

Active management may be under attack, but don’t tell that to Barron’s. Every year the venerable paper hosts an investor roundtable featuring some of the industry’s leading voices and largest active asset managers. The day long event offers a chance to hear their thoughts on a wide variety of topics including the economy and pressing global issues. Readers… Read More »

Can’t Decide Which One To Own? Cramer Picks Abbott Over AbbVie

Amidst our exhaustive coverage of the Abbott (ABT)/AbbVie (ABBV) separation, there has been no consensus as to which company is the ‘better’ one to own. Some people like AbbVie’s higher dividend yield while others prefer Abbott’s growth prospects. Ahhh what is an uninformed investor to do? Luckily, the self-appointed people’s champion stockpicker, CNBC’s Jim Cramer, has weighed in… Read More »

Sorry Costello – Abbott Chooses AbbVie For Spinoff Name

After covering Kraft’s (poor) choice in naming its spinoff, we now move onto mocking examining Abbott’s (ABT) choice of the name AbbVie for its new pharmaceuticals company. Sadly, this now means that journalists will have to stop referring to the company as ‘Costello’ which would have been quite the humorous, although ill advised pick. The new name was… Read More »