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Isn’t It Icahnic? Carl Icahn Looks for PayPal Payday From Ebay

With his public battle over Dell finished, Carl Ichan didn’t take too long in drumming up a new target. The famous corporate raider is now pushing eBay (EBAY) to spin off its online transaction business, PayPal, and submitted this idea for a non-binding vote at an upcoming shareholder meeting. Along with a spinoff, Mr. Icahn is also seeking… Read More »

For Whom The Dell Tolls- Newborn AbbVie To Replace Dell In S&P 100, To Join S&P 500 As Well

Some spinoffs are tiny, others are born big. AbbVie(ABBV) is a case of the latter. With a market cap of over $50 Billion, it begins life as a megacap when it spins off on January 2 from Abbott Laboratories(ABT) and thus replaces the sinking Dell(DELL) in the megacap S&P 100 Index.  This was one of several index changes… Read More »

Weak Earnings For Dell Means Time To Spinoff PCs?

Anyone have any new ideas? I know we have mentioned this numerous times – sorry – but the business and investing world is chock full of followers. We recently wrote about one example in the defense industry, but alas, it is not an isolated case. Take the PC business. IBM (IBM) successfully converted itself into a very profitable software business by dumping… Read More »