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Under Pressure To Deleverage, HNA Exits Hilton Spin Off Investments At Nice Profit

Before trade war news jumped to the front pages, China was making headlines for cracking down on its financial firms’ leverage by forcing them to unload some of their overseas holdings. Anbang and its CEO received a lot of headlines, but other companies, such as HNA, were impacted as well. A few years ago, HNA went on a… Read More »

With Lands’ End Adrift, Can New CEO Jerome Griffith Steer It Back To Dry Land?

Nearly three years after its April 2014 spinoff from Sears Holdings(SHLD), Lands’ End(LE) is fairing only marginally better than its former parent, which is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Lands End, which just after its spinoff had a market capitalization of $900 million, is worth just $485 million today. The company has nearly $500 million in long… Read More »

Barron’s Warns On Heavily Leveraged Lands’ End

Another week, another heavily leveraged spin from Eddie Lampert. Just last week, Sears Holdings(SHLD) shareholders received shiny new shares in Lands’ End(LE).  But Sears received a bigger gift- $500 million in cash paid as tribute by the new company. Lands’ End, like many Sears and Kmart customers, borrowed heavily to give this gift and now will be constrained… Read More »

Orchard Supply Taken Out To The Woodshed- Will Sears Holdings Reap What It Sowed?

Eighteen months after it was spun off from Sears Holdings(SHLD), Orchard Supply Hardware(OSH) announced that it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and had reached an agreement for Lowe’s Companies (LOW) to acquire most of its assets.  We had been bullish on Orchard at the time of the spin. We were wrong. In its press release the company… Read More »

Sears Holdings Centrifuge Spins North To Canada

Shareholders of Sears Holdings(SHLD) have been once again reminded that entropy is inexorably increasing, at least in their brokerage accounts. Less than  a year ago they had only Sears, but since then, they have received in three separate transactions, Orchard Supply Hardware common (OSH) and preferred (OSHSP), warrants to buy Sears Hometown and Outlets (SHOS), and now, Sears… Read More »

Sears Rights Offering Distribution Is Set For Today

The next round of corporate action at Sears Holding (SHLD) is about to begin as the board of directors set today as the distribution date of the rights offerings to purchase shares of its Hometown & Outlet store spinoff. The new company is expected to trade under the ticker ‘SHOS’ and each SHLD shareholder will receive one rights offering, good for… Read More »

Local Paper Interviews Marc Baker, CEO of Orchard Supply Hardware

The Mercury News interviewed Marc Baker, CEO of Orchard Supply Hardware(OSH), which was recently spun off from Sears Holdings(SHLD). There’s nothing really new here, but it’s always interesting to see how a CEO views and spins his company. Some highlights: Q Where does Orchard fall in terms of the hardware store landscape? A We think of ourselves as… Read More »

Tricky Tax Treatment For Orchard Supply Preferred Shares

We’ve written before about the puzzle of Orchard Supply Hardware Preferred(OSHSP). This preferred issue was spun off from Sears Holdings(SHLD) together with Orchard Supply Common(OSH).  While we’re still not sure how to value them, thanks to Laurie Frederiksen, COO of bivio.com for pointing out some tricky tax treatment for their distribution. It seems that unlike most spinoffs which… Read More »

Orchard Supply Hardware Stock, Spun Off From Sears, In Tail Spin- Time To Buy

It’s been a pretty bad first week for Orchard Supply(OSH).  Since beginning trading on Tuesday  following its spin off from Sears Holdings(SHLD) at $25 with a quick rise to $60, the stock has moved almost straight down to its current price of $15.62.  Yesterday, the company released some preliminary numbers which show some encouraging trends, but still couldn’t… Read More »

Sears Holdings Completes Orchard Supply Hardware Spinoff

Sears Holdings(SHLD) issued a press release this morning announcing the completion of the Orchard Supply Hardware(OSH) spinoff.  Sears Holdings Corporation (“Holdings,” “we” or “our”)  today announced that it has completed its previously announced spin-off of its interest in Orchard Supply Hardware Stores Corporation (“Orchard”).  Orchard is now independent from Holdings and its Class A Common Stock will begin… Read More »

Is Orchard Supply Worth $10 per Sears Share? Morningstar Seems To Think So

A recent report on Sears Holdings(SHLD) by Morningstar analyst Paul Swinand lowers their fair value estimate for Sears by $10 per share due to the Orchard Supply(OSH) spinoff. Given the distribution ratio of 1 share of Orchard Supply for approximately every 22 of Sears, and Sears’ 80% ownership in Orchard Supply, this would seem to imply a per… Read More »

Should You Bite The Preferred Apple From Orchard?

Whopper Investments asks the question we’ve been puzzling over: What is the purpose of the preferred stock being issued to Sears(SHLD) shareholders as part of the Orchard Supply(OSH) spinoff? We’ve previously written in general terms about the spinoff here, but haven’t much discussed the prospects of the securities that will be distributed.  Sears has its own issues which… Read More »

Sears Is Ready To Harvest The Orchard

Much like Halloween, the end of the year is also shaping up to be an extremely busy period for spinoffs. The latest to join the party is Sears Holding (SHLD) whose board of directors approved the spin offof Orchard Supply Hardware Stores earlier this week. The spinoff will take place on December 30 to shareholders as of today,… Read More »

Sears Holdings Announces Plans To Spin Off Orchard Supply Hardware

Sears Holdings(SHLD) announced today that it plans to spin off Orchard Supply Hardware. Orchard operates 89 full service hardware stores in California, averaging 40,600 square feet.  No date or distribution ratio have been set, but the company does state in its S-1 that it hopes to trade under the OSHS symbol.  After the spinoff, ESL investments and affiliates,… Read More »