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With Lands’ End Adrift, Can New CEO Jerome Griffith Steer It Back To Dry Land?

Nearly three years after its April 2014 spinoff from Sears Holdings(SHLD), Lands’ End(LE) is fairing only marginally better than its former parent, which is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Lands End, which just after its spinoff had a market capitalization of $900 million, is worth just $485 million today. The company has nearly $500 million in long… Read More »

Lampert Chops Down Stake In Orchard Supply Hardware As Stock Marches Steadily Downward

Last January, Sears Holdings(SHLD), controlled by Eddie Lampert, spun off Orchard Supply Hardware(OSH). At the time, we were bullish on Orchard. We were wrong. Unfortunately, while the stock has plummeted, we held onto our small stake.  Lampert, however has been smarter, as he has cut his stake in half over the past year.  Orchard has struggled to maintain… Read More »