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Spinoff Odds & Ends: Kontoor Brands, thyssenkrupp says goodbye to elevators

Time for another edition of Odds & Ends… 1. Yet Another Value Blog has a follow up piece to its initial recommendation of Kontoor Brands (KTB), the 2019 jeans spinoff from VF Corp (VFC). The company initially recovered from the usual post-spin dynamics, but has been hit especially hard this year. Interestingly, according to YAVB one reason is… Read More »

VF Corp Cleans Out Closet, Wrangler And Lee Become Kontoor Brands With May 22nd Spinoff

Until this week, VF Corporation’s (VFC) upcoming Kontoor Brand’s spinoff only had the vague timetable of ‘sometime in May’. Finally, we have some closure and some concrete details on the jeanswear company’s upcoming independence. The board of directors has now formally approved the spinoff which will take place after the close on May 22nd with shareholders expected to… Read More »

VF Corporation “Creatively” Misspells Contour As Kontoor To Preserve “Unique Brand Identities” Of Spinoff Brands

VF Corp(VFC) will be spinning off its denim business in the first half of next year. The business includes such venerable brands as Wrangler and Lee. So when the company needed a name for the new independent entity, the choice was obvious. Bypassing such staid and uninspired choices as Wrangler or Lee, the company chose Contour. Or rather,… Read More »