VF Corporation “Creatively” Misspells Contour As Kontoor To Preserve “Unique Brand Identities” Of Spinoff Brands

VF Corp(VFC) will be spinning off its denim business in the first half of next year. The business includes such venerable brands as Wrangler and Lee. So when the company needed a name for the new independent entity, the choice was obvious. Bypassing such staid and uninspired choices as Wrangler or Lee, the company chose Contour. Or rather, Kontoor Brands,

– a creative variation of the word ‘contour’ – is a compelling company name that will preserve each brand’s unique identity while also providing the opportunity to evolve the company in the years ahead,” said Steve Rendle, VF’s Chairman, President and CEO.

We guess someone at VF had a traumatic experience in a spelling bee as a child. Scott Baxter who will be CEO of Kontoor waxed rhapsodic about the name.

“In choosing a name for the new company, it was important for us to select something that serves as an umbrella for our iconic Jeanswear brands and provides us with the opportunity to advance our portfolio in the future,” said Scott Baxter, named CEO of Kontoor Brands. “The selected name was inspired by the idea of a perfect fit, which speaks to the rich legacy and storied history of our brands. This name establishes a strong foundation for our future growth as a global leader in the denim and apparel categories, and I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for Kontoor Brands as an independent, publicly traded company.”

The company reminds us that more information about the proposed separation can be found at TwoGlobalLeaders.com. What??? A site about Putin and Trump? Maybe President Xi. No, Two Global Leaders means VF Corp and the newly named Kontoor Brands. I guess if you have the arrogance to think that misspelling a word represents creativity, you have no problem calling a Jeans company a Global Leader.

In an unrelated note, StockSpinoffs.com, the Global Leader in information about stock spinoffs, is considering changing its name to Stoq Speenovs to represent our creativity and inspired leadership. What do you think of this new proposed name?

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