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Forbes Suggests Five Potential Spinoffs

With all the spinoff excitement, Forbes looks ahead at the next brands that might be granted independence by their corporate overlords. Ebay(EBAY)’s StubHub. StubHub dominates live event ticket reselling. On the heels of a successful spinoff of PayPal, perhaps Ebay will go back to the well and spin off StubHub. Time Warner(TWX)’s HBO. Time Warner is no stranger… Read More »

Spinoff Odds & Ends – GreatLand Connections, Yahoo Small Business

A few short hits for the Friday before Memorial Day – A very minor footnote to the abandoned Comcast (CMCSA)/Time Warner Cable (TWC) megadeal is the cancellation of the GreatLand Connections spinoff. The spin would have shed millions of customers in select markets and was part of the two companies’ strategy to win regulatory approval. I think they… Read More »

Time For A Spin? Will People Join The Meredith Family Circle?

Time Warner(TWX) is no stranger to spinoffs. The company once known as AOL Time Warner lost the AOL(AOL) in what has proven to be a successful spin- much more successful, certainly, than the disastrous merger, perhaps the worst in American history, which brought the two firms together. Earlier in 2009, the company spun off Time Warner Cable(TWC). And… Read More »

Liberty Media Takes The Money And Runs, Starz Left Holding The Bag

Friday, after the market closed, Liberty Media Corporation(LMCAD,LMCBD,LMCAV,LMCBV,LMCA,LMCB) announced that it had completed its spinoff from Starz(STRZA, STRZB), formerly the Liberty Media Corporation. For a cogent explanation of the alphabet soup, see our article from last week. As part of the transaction, Starz drew down its credit line and distributed $1.8 billion in cash to Liberty Prior to… Read More »