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Liberty Media Takes The Money And Runs, Starz Left Holding The Bag

Friday, after the market closed, Liberty Media Corporation(LMCAD,LMCBD,LMCAV,LMCBV,LMCA,LMCB) announced that it had completed its spinoff from Starz(STRZA, STRZB), formerly the Liberty Media Corporation. For a cogent explanation of the alphabet soup, see our article from last week. As part of the transaction, Starz drew down its credit line and distributed $1.8 billion in cash to Liberty Prior to… Read More »

Seeing Starz: New Details On Latest Liberty Spin Off Make Our Heads Hurt

One thing about John Malone- if there’s a way to make a deal more complicated, he’ll find it. We’ve written in the past about the upcoming Starz spin, but now it’s finally here, and the company has issued a press release detailing what will happen. For those arriving late, Liberty Media Corporation(LMCA,LMCB) will be spinning itself off. That… Read More »