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Hillshire Brands, Last Remnant Of Sara Lee, Subject Of Intense Bidding War

What is one thing that both real estate brokers and shareholders really love? A BIDDING WAR! That’s right, M&A is heating up and surprisingly it’s a packaged meat company that is at the heart of the recent excitement. The action all started a few weeks ago when Hillshire Brands (HSH) announced that it would acquire Pinnacle Foods(PF) at… Read More »

Farewell DE Master Blenders 1753! Today Is Last Day Of Trading

DE Master Blenders 1753’s (DE.AS or DEMBF) listing on the NYSE Euronext will be terminated on Tuesday, October 29th. To be fair, this is a mere formality as the stock hasn’t really traded much in the months following the takeover announcement by privately held Joh A Benckiser. While it’s been awhile since the board approved buyout offer rolled in, the ensuing… Read More »

DE Master Blenders Scooped Up By JAB Led Group

When discussing spinoffs, analysts often toss in a comment about how the new slimmed and focused companies will be more attractive acquisition targets. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of a relatively quick exit with a nice premium? Sometimes they are right though and the most recent one to be acquired is Sara Lee spin DE Master… Read More »

Brewing The Books In Brazil: Accounting Irregularities At DE Master Blenders 1753, Impacts Hilshire Brands, As Well

That was quick. Weeks after its spinoff from Hilshire Brands(HSH), the former Sara Lee, DE Master Blenders 1753(DEMBF) announced today that it had found accounting irregularities, and would be restating results. These are definitely words no investor wants to hear, and they tend to get bigger the more they get looked at. Here is how the company describes… Read More »

Party Like It’s D.E. Master Blenders 1753! Sara Lee Spin Begins Trading Today In Amsterdam

Sara Lee (SLE) has been very busy recently putting the finishing touches on the upcoming spinoff of its international coffee and tea business, D.E. Master Blenders International 1753. While it was not a surprise decision, the company’s board of directors recently formally approved the spinoff clearing another hurdle to completion. The transaction is a bit more complicated than usual… Read More »

Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee- Dan Loeb and John Paulson Buy Ahead Of Spin

In separate filings today, Dan Loeb, fresh off his successful fight for Yahoo(YHOO) board seats, revealed that he had increased his Sara Lee(SLE) stake, and John Paulson announced a new stake in the disappearing conglomerate.  Sara Lee will be paying a special dividend of $3 per share and spinning off its coffee and tea business by June 30.… Read More »

Sara Lee Spinoff Moves Along, Expected By June 30

Sara Lee(SLE) released earnings recently, and updated investors on the status of the upcoming $3 special dividend and spin off of its coffee and tea business as D.E. Master Blenders 1753. From the release: “I am pleased to announce that we are on track to spin-off the Coffee & Tea business by June 30. Significant progress has been… Read More »

The Name Game Continues: Sara Lee Digs Into Its Past

Tired of reading about new names? Out of luck because Sara Lee recently recently unveiledD.E. Master Blenders 1753 as the new name for its international tea and coffee business. What is that name? Well, Douwe Egberts (the D.E.) is a name long (like since 1753 long) associated with coffee and that was apparently exactly what they were going… Read More »

How Do You Say Spinoff In Portuguese?

It seems the spinoff bug is even starting to spread a bit into the emerging markets, with Brazil being the latest country to catch the fever. Well…maybe more of a cough or a minor cold. JBS SA (JBSAY), once a potential player in the Sara Lee (SLE) sweepstakes, announced plans to spin off its dairy unit, Vigor Alimentos… Read More »

Sara Lee Takes Another Step Towards Spinning CoffeeCo

We are entering the final months of the Sara Lee(SLE) conglomerate.  The empire, which once included Coach(COH) handbags and Hanes(HBI) underwear, is aiming spin off its Coffee & Tea business(CoffeeCo) in April or May, though no final date has been set.  As the date finally approaches(this was first announced a year ago), the company is taking steps to… Read More »

Meet The New MeatCo CEO

Sara Lee(SLE) continues to prepare for the second quarter spin off of their coffee and tea business, leaving behind their North American meats division, a business they are still calling, improbably, MeatCo. While it doesn’t yet have a real name, it does now have a CEO, as the company announced Friday that Sean Connolly, President of Campbell North… Read More »

Nobody Does It Like Sara Lee?

What an exciting month January was for Sara Lee (SLE). To recap: Brazilian meat processor JBS SA’s bid of $17.50/share is rejected by the board as too low. Rumors of a spinoff begin to surface, but private equity buyers begin to circle and JBS SA plans on increasing their offer. A short while later, the board rejects the… Read More »

A Tasty Morsel – Sara Lee To Breakup?

Image via Wikipedia After rejecting JBS SA‘s offer of $17.50/share, Sara Lee (SLE) was rumored to be favoring a breakup strategy which would likely involve the spinoff of either its coffee or meats division.  It is believed that a spinoff would unlock the value of the unrelated businesses and facilitate the sale of each individual unit. While JBS,… Read More »