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DE Master Blenders Scooped Up By JAB Led Group

When discussing spinoffs, analysts often toss in a comment about how the new slimmed and focused companies will be more attractive acquisition targets. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of a relatively quick exit with a nice premium? Sometimes they are right though and the most recent one to be acquired is Sara Lee spin DE Master… Read More »

The Name Game Continues: Sara Lee Digs Into Its Past

Tired of reading about new names? Out of luck because Sara Lee recently recently unveiledD.E. Master Blenders 1753 as the new name for its international tea and coffee business. What is that name? Well, Douwe Egberts (the D.E.) is a name long (like since 1753 long) associated with coffee and that was apparently exactly what they were going… Read More »

Nobody Does It Like Sara Lee?

What an exciting month January was for Sara Lee (SLE). To recap: Brazilian meat processor JBS SA’s bid of $17.50/share is rejected by the board as too low. Rumors of a spinoff begin to surface, but private equity buyers begin to circle and JBS SA plans on increasing their offer. A short while later, the board rejects the… Read More »

A Tasty Morsel – Sara Lee To Breakup?

Image via Wikipedia After rejecting JBS SA‘s offer of $17.50/share, Sara Lee (SLE) was rumored to be favoring a breakup strategy which would likely involve the spinoff of either its coffee or meats division.  It is believed that a spinoff would unlock the value of the unrelated businesses and facilitate the sale of each individual unit. While JBS,… Read More »