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Get Ready- The Summer Of Spin Kicks Off With Ten Spinoffs Coming Your Way This Week

Calling all spinoff lovers – it’s time to get your hard hats on because the end of this month is going to be crazy. Just call it the ‘Summer of Spin’. In the somewhat improbable five plus years we have been running this site (and I am willing to bet over the course of history), there has never… Read More »

Will TopBuild Be A Summer Blockbuster Or This Year’s Gigli? Coming To A Brokerage Account Near You July 1

Paging Maverick and Iceman. Last June, Masco(MAS) CEO Keith Allman signaled that structural change was afoot.  A year later, the company is poised to spinoff its Installation and Services business into TopBuild(BLD). Masco shareholders as of June 19, 2015 will, on June 30, 2015, receive one TopBuild share for every nine Masco shares held. Keith Allman, Masco’s President… Read More »