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Get Ready- The Summer Of Spin Kicks Off With Ten Spinoffs Coming Your Way This Week

Calling all spinoff lovers – it’s time to get your hard hats on because the end of this month is going to be crazy. Just call it the ‘Summer of Spin’. In the somewhat improbable five plus years we have been running this site (and I am willing to bet over the course of history), there has never… Read More »

Babcock & Wilcox To Spinoff Boiler Business On July 1, Rebrand As BWX Technologies

Late last year, management at Babcock & Wilcox (BWC) was considering whether or not a breakup of its businesses made sense. Given the company name, it’s no surprise the company opted to produce some progeny and shortly thereafter it announced that it would spin off its power generation business. The new company will be named Babcock & Wilcox… Read More »

Babcock & Wilcox Considering A Break Up

The Babcock & Wilcox Company’s (BWC) board of directors are currently huddled around a spreadsheet filled room trying to figure out if separating its government & nuclear operations from its power generation business makes sense. At least that is how I imagine their ‘evaluation’ process although the reality probably includes a whole bunch of advisors doing most of… Read More »