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Biostage(BSTG) Engineers New Financing At Desperate Terms

The good news for Biostage(BSTG) shareholders is that the company is not quite dead yet. With cash set to run out in the second quarter and several quarters away from early stage clinical trials for its esophageal implant , Biostage stock has been swiftly moving downward. From over $2 per share last May, to over $0.70 at Wednesday’s… Read More »

Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology Changes Awkward Name, Takes The Biostage

Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology(HART) announced that it has changed its name to Biostage, effective April 1. It will now trade under the BSTG symbol. The company was spun off by Harvard Bioscience(HBIO) in November 2013.  Why change the name? The name change reflects the company’s broad commitment and expertise in pioneering the development of bioengineered organ implants for… Read More »

Greatbatch Will Spin Off QiG As Nuvectra To Shareholders On March 14

Greatbatch(GB) shareholders should be prepared for their portfolios to look a bit different this year. Later this year, the medical device manufacturer will be changing its name to Integer Holdings Corporation. First, the company will spin off QiG Group, which will be renamed Nuvectra. On March 14, shareholders as of March 7 will receive one Nuvectra share for… Read More »

Lots Of Options – Harvard Bioscience Further Details Its Executive Comp

Harvard Bioscience (HBIO) recently completed the spinoff of its regenerative medicine device subsidiary, Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technologies (HART). As we previously noted, the parent’s CEO and other top management moved to the spinco, creating a leadership void. The posts have since been filled and the company recently announced the details of some further ‘inducement grants’ for its new management team. Here… Read More »

Spinoff Complete, Harvard Biosciences Left Its HART in Holliston, Mass

Last Friday, a spinoff we’ve written about several times became a reality. Harvard Biosciences (HBIO) spun off Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technologies(HART) to shareholders. HBIO shareholders received one share of HART for every four shares of HBIO owned. With management going to the spin off, recently appointed HBIO CEO Jeffery A. Duchemin received the additional titles of President and… Read More »

A HART-felt Farewell: Harvard Bioscience Board Approves HART Spin

Harvard Bioscience Inc’s (HBIO) board of directors approved the spinoff of its regenerative medicine device subsidiary, Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology. The spin is set to take place on November 1st with HBIO shareholders receiving 1 share of the new company for every 4 shares of HBIO owned. The new company will trade under the ticker ‘HART’ and a when… Read More »

Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology Files Form 10 Moving Spinoff From Harvard Bioscience Closer

When we last checked in with Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology in late March, it was days away from an April IPO of 17% of its stock by parent Harvard Bioscience(HBIO). Soon afterwards, HBIO announced the postponement of the IPO, citing market conditions. On May 1, the company abandoned its plan for an IPO and declared it would spin… Read More »

HART IPO Set For Early April, Harvard Bioscience To Spin Off Remaining 83% Stake In 120 Days

In December, Harvard Bioscience(HBIO) filed for an IPO of Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technologies(HART). Last week, the company announced that the tax free spinoff was approved by the IRS, and that an IPO of 17% of the company would be conducted in early April at an expected price of $10-$12 per share. The company will spin off the remaining… Read More »

Harvard Bioscience Hopes Spin Off Of Regenerative Technologies Division Can Help Grow Stock Price

What does it take to get into Harvard? Around $4, plus commission. Massachusetts-based Harvard Bioscience(HBIO) has long been a leading manufacturer of apparatus and scientific equipment, but, with a market capitalization of just $115 million, it has flown under the radar of many investors.  Founded in the basement of Harvard Medical School in 1901 by Dr. William T.… Read More »