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Graham Holdings Undoes Katherine Graham’s ‘Best Acquisition Ever’

Graham Holdings (GHC) announced this morning that it had completed the spinoff of Cable ONE(CABO). As we previously reported, Graham shareholders received one share of Cable ONE for each share of Graham Holdings held. Interestingly, Graham Holdings CEO Donald Graham, reported that his mother and predecessor(and Buffett confidante), Katherine Graham viewed Cable ONE as her ‘best acquisition ever’.… Read More »

Graham Holdings Continues To Transform, Will Spin Off Cable ONE On July 1

Graham Holdings Company(GHC) was, not long ago, The Washington Post Company. But after the sale of The Washington Post to Jeff Bezos in 2013, the name needed to change. The Washington Post was neither the first nor the last asset bought or sold as Donald Graham radically transforms the company he inherited from his mother Katherine. Previously, Newsweek… Read More »