Graham Holdings Undoes Katherine Graham’s ‘Best Acquisition Ever’

Graham Holdings (GHC) announced this morning that it had completed the spinoff of Cable ONE(CABO). As we previously reported, Graham shareholders received one share of Cable ONE for each share of Graham Holdings held. Interestingly, Graham Holdings CEO Donald Graham, reported that his mother and predecessor(and Buffett confidante), Katherine Graham viewed Cable ONE as her ‘best acquisition ever’.

Thomas O. Might, president and chief executive officer of Cable ONE, said: “Cable ONE is extremely well positioned as an independent company to continue its tradition of excellent returns for its shareholders, rewarding careers for its associates and unusually high satisfaction for its customers.”

Donald E. Graham, chairman and chief executive officer of Graham Holdings, said: “Cable ONE, which Katharine Graham called her best acquisition ever, has been centrally important to Graham Holdings for 30 years. And, Tom Might and much of his able management team have been part of the place even longer. We all believe Cable ONE will have an impressive future.”

Graham shareholders will now own their piece of this best acquisition directly, though with rampant consolidation in the cable industry, it is unclear how long Cable ONE will retain its new independence.

Disclosure: The author holds shares of GHC and CABO