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UBS Rejects Spinoff And Keeping Credit Suisse’s Domestic Banking Assets In-House

The USA was in the grips of a full blown banking crisis just six months ago. Runs of never before seen magnitude on Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic and others led to a crisis of confidence in our regional banks. The news cycle moves on though and all of that seems forgotten now. Interestingly, one of the largest… Read More »

Is UBS Considering A Spin Off Of Its Investment Bank?

With new regulations, capital requirements, lawsuits and scandals popping up, it is no surprise that the big banks have been doing some soul searching. ‘Derisking’ has become in vogue (or mandatory) and in response units have been shed and trading desks cut. Mediobanca analyst Chris Wheeler thinks UBS (UBS) might have something much bigger in the works though… Read More »