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Yet Another Journalist Tells Us Why Amazon Won’t Spin Off AWS

Are you a business journalist on deadline with no idea what to write about? An editor with some space to fill? There are some stories that will work every time. How about this? Propose a spinoff that will never happen, like Amazon(AMZN) spinning off its web services business. Then, tell us why it won’t happen.  Now, punch out,… Read More »

Willaim Blair’s Nick Heymann Thinks GE Shareholders Should Pass On Synchrony Financial Exchange Offer

The question of whether to exchange their GE(GE) stock to receive Synchrony Financial(SYF) at a 7% discount is a question weighing heavily on the minds of many GE shareholders.  One investor decided to Ask Matt what to do. Who is Matt? Apparently, Matt is “USA TODAY markets reporter Matt Krantz [who] answers a different reader question every weekday.”… Read More »