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Spinoff Odds & Ends: ERA & Brazil, Amazon & AWS

A few small hits for a tough New York Thursday (at least for us Mets fans): Era Group (ERA), the helicopter focused spinoff from Seacor (CKH), got hit hard this week on news that Petrobras (PBR) was dropping its helicopter transport services. With falling oil prices and the company under intense scrutiny amidst a seemingly ever growing corruption scandal,… Read More »

Helicopter Operator Era Group To Take Flight From SEACOR Holdings On January 31

We try to cover every spinoff, but sometimes we just don’t get to them or they fall through the cracks. In the case of SEACOR Holdings'(CKH) upcoming spinoff of Era Group(ERA), we missed it until recently, but caught it prior to its upcoming ex dividend and distribution dates.  Era Group crept up on us because it was originally… Read More »