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News Corp Publishing Business And 21st Century Fox Begin When Issued Trading

In the lead up to the separation of News Corp’s(NWSA) publishing arm from its global media business, the two pieces began trading today on a when-issued basis. The parent, global media company, which will be renamed 21st Century Fox and trade under the FOXA and FOX tickers began trading today as FOXAV. The publishing spinoff will take the… Read More »

With Shareholder Approval In Tow, News Corp Split On Track For June 28th

A few more milestones have been crossed on News Corp’s (NWSA) path to spinning off its publishing business. This past week, the company received shareholder approval in order to change its certificate of incorporation. The move was necessary in order to facilitate the spinoff of its publishing business, commonly referred to as the new News Corp. A few weeks prior to… Read More »

Fox Out Of The News Corp Henhouse- Leadership And Names Unveiled For News Corp Spinoff

With the high profile Abbott/Abbvie separation completed, it’s time to look forward to the next ‘big’ spin. It’s not always so easy to predict which name that will be, but one thing I do know for certain is that the upcoming News Corporation (NWSA) spinoff of its publishing assets will certainly be getting a lot of press. In… Read More »

Is Warner Running Out Of TIme?

With the announcement last week that News Corp.(NWSA) would be spinning off its publishing business, analysts have been looking for copycat transactions to propose.  It was inevitable that some of them would turn their attention to Time Warner(TWX), and, indeed Jeanine Poggi reports at AdAge that Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser renewed the calls for a Time Inc.… Read More »

Stop The Presses? News Corp To Toss Newspapers To The Curb

After days of speculation, and months of internal debate, News Corp(NWSA) announced yesterday that it will spin off its newspaper and publishing business. The company aims to complete the transaction in the first half of 2013. Rupert Murdoch will remain Chairman of both companies and CEO of the media and entertainment business.  Each company will continue to have… Read More »

IDT Releasing The Genie From The Bottle

Cover via Amazon A corporate conglomerate is truly a wonderful thing. Growth through acquisitions often leaves these companies quite bloated and operating in unexpected areas though. Sometimes this is done on purpose in order to diversify exposure by investing in unrelated areas. These ancillary businesses surrounding the ‘core’ can be quite surprising and make you go ‘Really?’ –… Read More »