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Rio Tinto CEO Jacques: No South32 Style Spinoff Coming

Mining giant Rio Tinto (RIO) announced a major structural reorganization several few weeks ago. As part of the restructuring, a group of ‘non core’ assets were lumped together inside of the newly formed Energy and Minerals group leading to speculation from analysts and reporters (and us) of a spinoff. After all, fellow mining peer BHP Billiton (BHP) did… Read More »

Rio Tinto Reorganizes- Is It Preparing For A Spinoff?

Rio Tinto (RIO) and its new CEO Jean-Sebastian Jacques are shaking things up. The mining behemoth unveiled a brand new organizational structure along with a set of new executives to drive the company forward during a difficult period. The company will now have four product groups and coincidentally a whole bunch of ‘non core’ assets ended up grouped together… Read More »

Plans For A Sale Foiled, Rio Tinto Pulls Back Pacific Aluminium. Is Alcan Spin Off Ahead?

In July 2007, when Rio Tinto(RIO) announced it would be purchasing Alcan for $38.1 billion in the largest mining acquisition ever, new CEO Tom Albanese was ecstatic.  His bold move, beating out a  $27 billion hostile bid from former Alcan parent Alcoa(AA) proved disastrous.  Earlier this year, Albanese was forced to resign after writing down over $25 billion… Read More »