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Pent Up No More: Pentair Spin Off Of nVent Set For April 30

Last year, we discussed Pentair’s(PNR) spin off of nVent(NVT) and commented on how much the strange capitalization was likely to add to the value. With the spinoff now set for the end of the month, it turns out that Pentair gave nVent more than just a bad name. As we had speculated, nVent borrowed $1 billion and will… Read More »

nVenting About Pentair’s Electrical Spinoff

Every schoolchild is aware of the dangers of mixing water and electricity. Perhaps with this in mind, Pentair(PNR) will be spinning off its Electric division and retaining its Flow Control division. As every spinoff needs a gut-wrenchingly bad name with an even worse explanation of its meaning, the new company will be known as nVent Electric. Why? Beth… Read More »