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Distribution Ratio Set For Vista Outdoor By Alliant Techsystems

Alliant Techsystems(ATK) has taken another step forward towards its spinoff of Vista Outdoor and subsequent merger with Orbital Sciences(ORB).  The transaction, which is back on track after a delay caused by the fiery explosion of an Orbital Sciences Antares rocket, is now expected to be completed on February 9.  ATK shareholders will receive two shares of Vista Outdoor,… Read More »

For Oshkosh, The Best For Defense May Be A Good Spinoff

Two years after successfully fending off legendary activist Carl Icahn and his plan to break up the company, some think that Oshkosh Corp(OSK) management may be planning a spinoff of its own.  Maureen Farrell of the Wall Street Journal reports on a recent note by CreditSights analyst Jeff Wichmann.  Wichmann suggested that Oshkosh may be considering a spinoff… Read More »

Alliant Techsystem Spinoff Of Vista And Orbital Sciences Merger Set For February Launch

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsvUVDTgPoI The dramatic explosion of Orbital Sciences'(ORB) Antares rocket on October 28 delayed a planned merger with Alliant Techsystems(ATK), but it will not derail it.  Last April, Alliant announced it would spin off its sporting goods business and subsequently merge its defense business with Orbital. The sporting goods business will be known as Vista Outdoor,Inc.  As might be… Read More »

Alliance Techsystems(ATK) To Spin Off Outdoor Sports Division, Merge Aerospace And Defense With Orbital Sciences

Sometimes, businesses that begin based on natural synergies grow apart.  This appears to be the case with Alliance Techsystems(ATK).  The company has three divisions: Aerospace, Defense, and Outdoor Sports.  This once made a great deal of sense, as the ammunition the company sells to the military is a similar product to the ammunition it sells to hunters. As… Read More »