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Spinoff Odds and Ends: Value In $MSG and Nacco($NC)

Lets follow up on some recent articles – A few weeks ago we highlighted a writeup from Yet Another Value Blog advocating for Liberty Braves (BATRK). Part (well, a small part) of the author’s thesis was the unique nature of sports team assets and how their valuations are often underreported. Somewhat buried amidst the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey came… Read More »

Further Reading On Nacco’s Hyster-Yale Spin

Normally, there is plenty of time to dig into spinoff opportunities. It often feels like the process goes on forever. There are a few occasions though where that luxury does not exist, such as when a company moves quickly or, more likely, when you simply just found out about the situation at a later date. That seems to… Read More »

Can You ‘Handle’ Nacco’s Upcoming Hyster-Yale Spin?

‘$135,000!!! For one share! Soooo expensive!’ – a friend’s response to Berkshire Hathaway’s share price. To be sure, it is a lot of money and intimidating when pulling up a ticker. Expensive though? Not enough information there to determine whether or not that is the case. This reaction is typical though and is one reason I have always… Read More »