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Forbes Plays Monday Morning QB And Looks At Five ‘Shortsighted’ Spins

M&A gets a lot of attention, but many have questioned whether or not it delivers the expected returns to shareholders. Often this is a result of paying too much. While the data on spinoffs is pretty favorable (we might be a bit biased here), the transaction can have some consequences. For example, if the parent company doesn’t retain… Read More »

The Spinoff Marathon Continues

Image via Wikipedia Another day, another spinoff. Marathon Oil (MRO) announced today that its Board of Directors has approved spinning off its downstream operations. The new company will be called the Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC – also its expected ticker) and will be one of the largest refiners in the United States with assets concentrated mainly in the… Read More »

Drumming Up The Rumor Mill – Spinoffs That Might Be

It’s the dog days of August and sports fans are in a frenzy. Has Tiger rebounded? Not this year. Exciting pennant races? Nope. What really has fans hopping and going wild is the start of NFL training camps. Really? Meaningless training camps? Yup and that fact is symbolic of the NFL’s power and outright dominance over the US… Read More »