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Reverse Morris Trust- What Is It And What Is It Used For?

What is a Reverse Morris Trust? You may have heard the terms Reverse Morris Trust or Morris Trust used in regards to a spinoff transaction. These terms describe two related types of transactions in which a company is able to sell assets without triggering a tax liability for either the company or shareholders. Naturally, this can be quite… Read More »

Lockheed Martin Delays Decision On Spinoff Or Sale Of IT Business

In July, as Lockheed Martin(LMT) announced its acquisition of Sikorsky helicopter from United Technologies(UTX), it also announced it was considering a sale or spinoff of its IT business.  A decision had been expected by year end. Last week, the company said that although it was still very likely to divest the division, the decision would be pushed into… Read More »

Northrop Grumman Not Following The Pack – No Plans To Spin Off Government Services

Defense contractor Northrop Grumman (NOC) is feeling pretty good right now after having just won a massive contract for the new long range bomber. The company is also in the process of restructuring its organization by cutting its operating groups from 4 to 3, one of which will be called Technology Services. The move led to suspicion that… Read More »

Lockheed Martin To Buy Sikorsky; May Spin Off Its IT & Technical Services

United Technologies (UTX) had been considering its strategic options for its Sikorsky helicopter operations for quite some time. At first, it seemed the storied chopper company would end up flying solo via a spinoff due to tax reasons, but, as time went by, a sale seemed to be more and more likely. Eventually, the WSJ (and others) identified… Read More »