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Looking To Break Up A Bank? WSJ Says Forget JP Morgan and Look At Citi Instead

Analysts at Goldman Sachs (GS) made waves last week suggesting that megabank JP Morgan (JPM) break itself up in response to the heavy capital restrictions imposed on the bank by the Fed.The WSJ’s Heard On The Street column thinks it’s a good idea, just tossed at the wrong bank. Instead of the House of Dimon, the WSJ thinks… Read More »

Goldman Analysts Think JP Morgan Should Break Itself Up

A team of Goldman analysts led by Richard Ramsden raised quite the storm earlier this week by releasing a 20 page research note suggesting that JP Morgan (JPM), one of the world’s largest banks, should break itself up. Apparently the bank is a victim of its own success (isn’t that just the best kind of victomhood?) and has… Read More »