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Zedge Drops Late On First Day Of Trading After Spinoff Completion Creating Attractive Opportunity

Yesterday, Zedge(ZDGE) completed its spinoff from IDT(IDT). The press release is short on details, focusing on the usual boundless optimism associated with a new spinoff. Tom Arnoy, co-founder and CEO of Zedge, said, “Since our inception, we have been focused on developing an exceptional service that enables Zedgers to express their identity, feelings, tastes and interests on their… Read More »

Living On The Zedge- Small IDT Spinoff With Big Potential

Serial spinner IDT(IDT) has set the date for its spinoff of Zedge(ZDGE). IDT shareholders as of May 26 at 5PM will receive one share of Zedge for every three IDT shares that they own.  The spinoff will be effective at 11:59PM on June 1. The company’s most recent form 10 can be found here. We recently had the… Read More »