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Spinoffs From Gabelli, Cohen At Barron’s Midyear Roundtable

Highlighting the Barron’s Roundtable’s spinoff picks is always one of our most popular pieces every year. Sadly, we missed it earlier this year, but Barron’s does publish a midyear check in every July. It’s not as comprehensive as the beginning of the year Roundtable gathering, but it still features some talk about the economy, predictions for the market… Read More »

W.R. Grace Applies New Name To Spinoff: GCP Applied Technologies

W.R. Grace & Co (GRA) filed an initial Form 10 for its upcoming construction products and packaging technologies segment. The new company will be called GCP Applied Technologies and the name refers to Grace Construction & Packaging. In fact, the press release notes that many customers still refer to the business today as ‘GCP’. Of course, the company couldn’t… Read More »