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Spinoff Odds & Ends: All Horizon Kinetics – Firm Likes Conduent(CNDT), Howard Hughes(HHC) and More

Lets take a look at some recent spinoff news from the large asset manager: 1) Horizon Kinetics Likes Conduent (CNDT) At the very end of 2016, Xerox (XRX) spun off its business process outsourcing unit Conduent. After an initial dip, shares have recovered, but overall, the stock has mostly been flat since the spinoff. That isn’t a terrible outcome… Read More »

Horizon Kinetics Positive On Associated Capital(AC), AMC Networks(AMCX) And Howard Hughes Corporation(HHC)

Horizon Kinetics is an asset management and research shop founded by Peter Doyle, Steven Bregman and Murray Stahl that has been analyzing spinoffs (and plenty of other things) for decades. Over the years, I’ve always enjoyed the various opportunities I’ve had to hear them speak. The firm even publishes a standalone research report dedicated to spinoffs and has… Read More »

End Of An Era: Ackman Agrees To Go Passive In General Growth Properties

I was first introduced to General Growth Partners (GGP) several years ago at a small alumni gathering featuring  Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman as the keynote speaker. Amongst other topics, he spoke about the then bankrupt (trading at <$1) company as his ‘top’ idea at the time. This ‘idea’ turned out to be quite profitable for him as he… Read More »

The Year In Spinoffs – 2012 Best And Worst

Another year has come and gone which means that we have all been inundated with a million ‘Look Back’ and ‘Best Of/Worst Of’ pieces for the past few weeks. I always found this to be an interesting and immensely boring phenomenon as we just lived through it. Should be pretty fresh in our memories. We are nothing but… Read More »

Having Trouble With Activist Funds? Marty Lipton Has Some Advice

It’s tough to be a CEO or board member these days. It used to be so easy, but now those pesky shareholders cause too many headaches. ‘Say on Pay’? What? Do they think they own the company or something? The only thing worse are those so called ‘activist’ shareholders, pushing to create ‘value’ or profits in their pockets.… Read More »

BAM! Here Comes Another Real Estate Spin

No, Emeril is not in the kitchen, but BAM (Brookfield Asset Management) is certainly spicing things up with the spinoff of its commercial real estate holdings. The new company, Brookfield Property Partners, is expected to include almost all of BAM’s commercial properties including its stakes in Brookfield Office Properties, General Growth Properties [GGP] (and related spins) and the… Read More »

Rouse Announces Record Date For Rights Offering

Rouse Properties(RSE) had announced it intended to do a rights offering after its spinoff from General Growth Properties(GGP) was complete. This afternoon, Rouse announced that the offering will be set for the close of business on February 13.  Each Right will allow the holder to purchase 0.375094056 shares of stock at a price per share of $15, as… Read More »

Checking In On Howard Hughes Corporation – Over A Year Later

With General Growth Properties (GGP) completing another spinoff,Rouse(RSE) last week, it is worth checking in on how its first spinoff, the Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC), has fared. Here is a recent chart detailing HHC’s stock price since inception (apologies for the charting software – on vacation): It has been quite a wild ride for the company – a relatively… Read More »

Rouse Distribution Tax Information For GGP Shareholders

General Growth Properties(GGP) released informations to help shareholders who received Rouse(RSE) shares in the recent spinoff calculate their tax liabilities. The press release: CHICAGO, Jan. 17, 2012  /PRNewswire/ — On January 12, 2012, General Growth Properties, Inc.  distributed (the “Distribution”) its shares in RPI to the shareholders of record as of the close of business on December 30, 2011… Read More »

With Spinoff From General Growth Properties Complete, Rouse Is Ready To Awaken

General Growth Properties (GGP) is an unusual story, delivering profits to pre-bankruptcy shareholders and featuring several investing luminaries among its shareholders.  It has now completed its second spinoff in a little more than a year, as Rouse Properties (RSE) begins trading regular way tomorrow. Rouse completes trading on a when-issued basis at $11.30. Rouse, which we previously wrote… Read More »

Rouse Moves Down In First Day Of When Issued Trading

Rouse(RSE) began trading on a when issued basis today in anticipation of its spin off next month from General Growth Properties(GGP). The stock, which opened at 14, moved steadily downward and closed the day at 12 on 55,819 shares traded.  This represents a significant discount to book value and is below the $15/share, $200 million post-spin rights offering… Read More »

General Growth Properties Rouses Rouse From Its Slumber

On the heels of last year’s spinoff of Howard Hughes Corp(HHC) which we wrote about here and here, General Growth Properties(GGP) approved plans today to spin off Rouse Properties on January 12, 2012 to shareholders as of December 30, 2011. The spinoff, which will be treated as a taxable dividend, is expected to trade as a REIT under… Read More »

Updates on General Growth and Howard Hughes

The GGP drama is finally nearing its end and time is running out to jump aboard the Howard Hughes Corporation prior to its spinoff from General Growth Properties (GGP). With GGP’s emergence from bankruptcy around the corner, the company announced November 1st as the date for distribution of shares of the two separate publicly traded corporations. According to… Read More »

The Mysterious Allure Of Howard Hughes

Image via Wikipedia Amidst the turmoil of 2009, my alma mater hosted a small gathering for its alumni working on Wall Street. Typically, these events involve a fair amount of drinking, active networking, soliciting of donations and the inevitable token ‘brief’ remarks from someone in the industry. That evening’s guest of honor was none other than Bill Ackman,… Read More »