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Dollars From Donuts- Is There Enough Upside In Offer for Rightside?

Privately held Donuts Inc is acquiring Rightside Group (NAME) for $10.60 per share or approximately $213m in cash. With the deal signed, the company will now control top level domains such as ‘.sale’ and ‘.dance’ in addition to its portfolio of names like ‘.movie’ and ‘.group’. Personally, I am puzzled that a company named Donuts has nothing to do… Read More »

What’s In A NAME? Demand Media To Spinoff Rightside Group On August 1

August’s spinoff calendar keeps getting busier. Demand Media (DMD) recently announced that its board of directors has approved the spinoff of its domain name business, Rightside Group. The distribution will take place on August 1st, to shareholders as of July 25th. A ‘When Issued’ market will also emerge on or about the 25th. The new company will trade… Read More »

Right Call On Rightside – Demand Media Officially Announces Spinco Name and Leadership

We recently highlighted a piece from DomainNameWire.com speculating that Demand Media’s (DMD) upcoming domain registration spinoff would be named Rightside. It turns out their sleuthing was on the money, as the company formally announced the new name as Rightside last week. The ‘Rightside’ in this case represents ‘everything to the right of the dot – and beyond.’ Clever, but was… Read More »

Will Demand Media’s Domains Business Be The Rightside To Follow?

In February, struggling internet company Demand Media(DMD) first announced its plan to separate its domains business from its content business. At the time, the company shared some metrics about each unit.  More recently, amidst continued struggles in the content business, the CEO resigned, leaving the timing of the spinoff in doubt, though the company reaffirmed that it would… Read More »

Demand Media CEO Rosenblatt Resigns – Spin Date In Limbo

Big shakeup at Demand Media (DMD) as CEO and Chairman Richard Rosenblatt resigned earlier this week. While the company did not provide any reason for the move, this Variety piece quotes two Stifel analysts saying that “the change is not entirely surprising given the pressure from Google’s algo(rithm) changes on the content business, the overall strategic drift in the company… Read More »

Demand Gives Ballpark Margins On Business Units During Conference Call

Earlier this week, Demand Media(DMD) announced plans to split into a domain registration business and a content business.  Though the opportunity seems promising, it was difficult to evaluate without the numbers for the business broken out, which, to our knowledge, the company had not done publicly. We were pleased, then, to read the transcript of the conference call… Read More »

We Demand A Spin! Demand Media Announces Plan To Spin Off Domain Registration Business

Ever since its IPO, we have thought Demand Media(DMD) to be a strange beast- a content farm with a domain registration business bolted on.  Well, the company announced today that it will be loosening those bolts and spinning off the domain registration business to shareholders. The company hopes to complete the spin in the next nine to twelve… Read More »