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Ceasar’s Distributes Subscription Rights For ‘Good Asset’ Spinco

Ceasar’s Entertainment (CZR) distributed subscription rights to its shareholders two weeks ago, offering them the option to purchase shares of Ceasar’s Acquisition Company at the price of $8.64 per share. The rights were distributed on October 21st to shareholders as of October 17th and shareholders should have received one subscription right for every CZR share owned. As we… Read More »

Ceasars Revving Up The Growth Engine

Ceasars Entertainment (CZR) is certainly getting creative in order to deal with its massive debt pile. As this piece notes, the company has already refinanced some debt, pushed back maturities and even attempted to redefine its leverage ratios. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been enough ‘relief’, so the company’s announced a new plan to issue subscription rights to shareholders. The rights would… Read More »