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Party Like Its 1972! AP Moller Maersk Completes Spinoff of The Drilling Company of 1972

AP Moller Maersk(AMKBY) is out of the drilling business and its transformation into a pure transportation company is almost complete. On April 2nd, shareholders approved the spinoff (sorry, demerger) of The Drilling Company of 1972. The first day of trading in Copenhagen was yesterday, but as we noted in an earlier piece the schedule makes it seem like Maersk… Read More »

Corporate Spinoff Monthly Roundup – March 2019

Another month is almost in the books so lets recap the recent spinoff activity and also take a look at what spinoffs the next month will bring: Spinoffs Completed Prior Month It’s worth noting that in February’s roundup, this section had nothing listed. Ooops? It was actually quite a busy month so keep checking our site as we… Read More »

Summer Of 69? No, Maersk Sings About The Drilling Company Of 1972

AP Moller Maersk’s (AMKBY) drilling spinoff is set for early April and the new company will be called The Drilling Company of 1972. The name reminds me of Sara Lee’s 2012 DE Master Blenders 1753 spinoff. Must be a European thing or something and in any case, it’s an instant addition to the list of terribly named spinoffs.… Read More »