999 Spin Spinning Posts- But There’s Room For A Thousand! Stock Spinoffs Enters Its Second Decade

We’ve been remiss before, and now we’ve been … reremiss? A Google index update left us somewhat disheartened, life intervened and our unplanned hiatus dragged on for months. Our once proud site became a Haunted Mansion as spinoffs spun and reverse morrises trusted. Our tenth anniversary came and went unremarked(find our unimpressive first post here) as in a marriage that drifted apart, slowly and then suddenly amidst life’s vicissitudes and the challenges of a COVID-19 world. Each day we awoke, hoping to reconcile, and each day, each failed attempt to rekindle the fire, pushed us further apart

Our post counter stood still, unwatched at 998. Until, finally, we published post 999 yesterday. And, this, now makes 1000. 1000 posts. 10 years. So much we said, so much we learned, so much we missed saying and so much still left to stay.

We are giving it another go. We hope it lasts. We hope that you, our audience, long bereft of new posts, will clamber back. We hope you will comment and share and help us inform and analyze. This has always been a labor of love whose modest success exceeded our even more modest expectations. We have met wonderful folks through this site and we thank them and all of our readers for joining us.

This site has always been a partnership with our readers and we invite your feedback. We hope to resume a regular writing schedule and have given thought to other ways we can make the site a more useful resource. We have long debated switching to our real names, and it’s long since time.

Looking forward to a wonderful second decade,

Jonathan Krause(Spin Doctor) and Neal Shanske(Inelegant Investor)

Author: Inelegant Investor

The Editor of Inelegant Investor

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  1. Arikos

    Let’s go!!!
    this decade we promise to share more… 🙂

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