Grounded! American Eagle’s Fate Still TBD Amidst Post-Bankruptcy Merger

M&A is back. Last week witnessed the return of some rather large deals including the $11b US Airways (LCC) takeover of AMR (AAMRQ), parent of American Airlines. The deal is expected to close later this year and you can click here for more details on the transaction.

One of the many issues which remain to be sorted out is the fate of American’s regional jet unit, American Eagle. The airline had planned on spinning it out into a standalone company, but its bankruptcy filing put that move on ice. Eagle CEO Dan Garton is still hopeful for such a move, but understands that the new bosses will likely ‘need to take a fresh look at it’. In the meantime, Eagle’s priorities are “developing a new aircraft-fleet plan and exploring how the partners’ regional operations can be “blended.” US Airways already owns other regional units such as PSA Airlines and Piedmont Airlines and the company also outsources flights under the US Airways Express name. The plan for now is to keep all three separate, but integration is likely in the future.

Within the same WSJ piece linked to above, Mr. Garton acknowledged that any decision about Eagle is likely ‘down the road’ and considering the deal is expected to close in Q3…it’s looking like its going to be awhile. As has been the case for some time now, not much to do here, but for all of our previous coverage of the American Eagle situation (including the numerous challenges facing the regional unit) click here.

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