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Morgan Stanley Thinks Market is Overestimating Yahoo Alibaba Spinoff Risk

The drama surrounding Yahoo(YHOO)’s proposed spinoff of its Alibaba(BABA) stake continues. Though the company has said it is pushing forward and is optimistic, Barron’s reports that Morgan Stanley feels a 0% probability of the deal is priced in at the current stock price. The sentiment on the stock is now as if they’ll never make the spin happen,… Read More »

Yahoo General Counsel Tells Shareholders Company Working With IRS To Complete Alibaba Spinoff In Q4

For the past month, Yahoo (YHOO) has been awash with uncertainty over saber rattling by the IRS that calls the tax-free nature of the spinoff of its Alibaba(BABA) stake into question. Last week, Marissa Mayer downplayed concerns.  This week, Yahoo General Counsel Ron Bell tried to do the same. Yahoo! Inc. is working with tax officials to complete… Read More »

Is There An IRS Problem Here? Yahoo’s CEO Mayer Insists No, Nothing To See

On May 19th, Yahoo’s (YHOO) stock plunged at the close after word leaked that the IRS was reviewing its rules regarding spinoffs. This was big news because Yahoo, after months of prodding by numerous activists, is in the process of spinning off its $30+b stake in Alibaba (BABA). A spinoff will help the company avoid a massive tax bill estimated… Read More »

Yahoo Says Nothing To See Here, Does Not Expect IRS Changes To Have Impact

Yesterday, Yahoo(YHOO) shares plunged on word that the IRS was examining treatment of asset-rich spinoffs.  In a statement emailed to the Wall Street Journal, a Yahoo spokesperson stated that they expect no impact to the spinoff that is planned. In an emailed statement, a Yahoo spokeswoman said that because the company filed its request with the IRS earlier… Read More »

Yahoo Plunges In Last Minute Trade On Word That IRS Will Review Spinoffs

In the last minute or so of trading today, Yahoo (YHOO) dropped 7.5% on huge volume. At the same time Alibaba (BABA) spiked. Readers will recall that Yahoo is spinning off its stake in Alibaba together with its small business unit. The move is expected to save billions of dollars in taxes. Though scant information is available, Twitter… Read More »

Yahoo’s Small Business Unit Will Be Part Of Alibaba Spinoff

After months of sustained pressure, Yahoo (YHOO) finally unveiled plans to spinoff its stake in Alibaba (BABA) last week during its earnings call. A spinoff was chosen for its tax efficiency and in order to accomplish that goal, the company said that a small operating unit would need to be included as part of the transaction. At the time,… Read More »

Yahoo Sings- Alibaba And The $40 Billion Spin

Ever since Alibaba’s (BABA) wildly successful IPO, investors have been wondering what Yahoo (YHOO) had in mind for its roughly $40 billion minority stake in the company. A sale would generate a lot of cash for the company, but also bring a monstrous $16 billion tax bill with it such as when the company unloaded shares during the… Read More »